IndiaAP Abdullakutty says Wariamkunnan is the world's first Taliban leader

AP Abdullakutty says Wariamkunnan is the world’s first Taliban leader


  • Wariam Kunnath Kunhammed Haji is a Taliban leader.
  • AP Abdullakutty with the allegation.
  • The Mappila riots are a Hindu hunt.

Kannur: BJP national vice president AP Abdullakutty said that Wariam Kunnath Kunhahammed Haji was the first Taliban leader in the world. The CPM is taking a stand that glorifies Wariam Kunnan. He further added that the decision was “historic”.

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Abdullakutty made the controversial statement at a function organized by Yuva Morcha in Kannur. There was a brutal genocide in Kerala that day. The Mappila riots are a Hindu hunt. He added that it was never a freedom struggle.

The controversy started with the decision to make a film based on the story of Wariam Kunnath Kunhahammed Haji starring director Aashiq Abu Prithviraj in the background of the Malabar riots. The controversy started when a section of people came to the scene alleging that there was an attempt to glorify Kunhahammad Haji through the film.

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Ali Akbar Wariam, a BJP supporter and director, started making films based on the life of Kunnath Kunhahammed Haji after the allegations against Aashiq Abu and Prithviraj became strong. Protests against Prithviraj and his family were widely circulated on social media. They allege that Wariam Kunnath Kunhammad Haji is anti-Hindu and is trying to distort the history of cinema.

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