SportsAntidote against the uneasiness culé

Antidote against the uneasiness culé

Cover of the book Self-help for culés.

Soccer fans are not very into humor when the center of the joke is their soccer team. Few places like the outskirts of the stadiums after a game to interpret the feelings of a fan. In case of victory, the world will look wonderful. If the result was adverse, things will be very different. Then the work week will come and, with it, the jokes and jokes. The great advantage is that in a few days there will be a new opportunity to change the mood.

More complicated – philosophical, even – is managing long periods of famine. They usually call it a “change of cycle” but, in reality, it is a journey through the desert in which the club in question seems to have lost its essence, the players who once excited the stands now roam the field and all that. It can go wrong, it can go wrong. It is at that moment – in which even the rivals stop mocking because they feel a certain empathy – when the fan himself is the one who decides to face the mirror, assume reality and lead the derision. The difference is that he does it from a deep knowledge of DNA and knows what are the key points to touch.

Self-help for culés (Grijalbo) is described as “Barça philosophy to raise your CULESTEROL” and offers, with illustrations -work of the Idee studio- accompanied by short texts -whose author is Maite Roldán-, a trip to the soul of Barcelona. Also an invitation to smile in gray times. To remember, for example, that there was a time when the short ones tied more than the tall ones. To recall what the Bulgarian Stoichkov made the masses feel – his own and those of others. To understand that, if you are a culé and there is a corner in favor, you can go with relative tranquility to the bathroom or the kitchen. Or not despair in the eternal search for a nine. But, above all, to remember a life lesson left by Tito Vilanova: “What seems important to you today, tomorrow will not be”.

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