WorldAnti-fascism and anti-racism protest held in Athens

Anti-fascism and anti-racism protest held in Athens

In the action organized with the call of trade unions, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), student organizations, leftist groups and immigrants, the recently increasing activities of the far right and Greece’s immigration policy were protested.

In the action, slogans were shouted against extreme right-wing and racist formations like the Golden Dawn, which has been on the agenda recently.

The action, which started with a mini-concert on the platform set up in Omonya Square, continued with a march to the Parliament building.

Trying to prevent the closure of the road to traffic due to the march, the police intervened the protesters with tear gas.

Speaking to AA correspondent, Padedakopoulos, a member of the Movement Against Racism and Fascist Threat (KEERFA), said, “Today, immigrants, students, and KEERFA came together to stand against fascism and racism. We say that the fight against fascist gangs must continue.” said.

The Greek judiciary ruled last year that the far-right Golden Dawn Party was a criminal organization.

Two students were injured in Thessaloniki

On September 29, a masked group attacked the students who wanted to carry out an anti-fascist action in Thessaloniki, and two students were slightly injured in the incident.

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