India'Anti-democratic'; Church compromises with BJP; Satyadeepam criticizes Modi-Papa meeting

‘Anti-democratic’; Church compromises with BJP; Satyadeepam criticizes Modi-Papa meeting

Kochi: Satyadeepam, a Catholic publication, has accused the Catholic Church of compromising with the BJP leadership in the wake of a meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pope Francis on Saturday. Fr. Satyadeepam raises the question of whether the cries for justice, including those of Stan Swamy, can be explained as ‘how ruthlessly silenced’. Satyadeepam’s critique was made in his introductory speech titled ‘Do not forget intentionally’.

Meeting Saturday

Narendra Modi, who is attending the G20 summit in Rome on October 30 and 31, is expected to visit Pope Francis. The half-hour meeting will be held at 8.30 am Vatican time on the 30th. Earlier, Pope John Paul II visited India. Arriving in Kerala in 1986, he later visited India in 1999 and met the then Prime Minister AB Vajpayee.

Will the attack on Christians be discussed?

The meeting comes amid reports of extremist Hindu groups targeting Christians in various parts of India. The article in Satyadeepam points out that not only the invitation of the Prime Minister of India to meet with the Supreme President of the World Catholic Church, but also the planned atrocities against Christians in India will be discussed. “It remains to be seen how the cries for justice, including those of Stan Swamy, can be explained as being ruthlessly silenced.”

Criticism of the Church

Modi’s visit to Rome comes amid allegations that the Church leadership, which is pressuring the Prime Minister to invite the Pope to India, has not taken a sufficient stand in the country to prevent repeated atrocities against Christians. The church and society are sending an anti – democratic message that the RSS agenda against minorities is being subjugated to vested interests by the rapidly surrendering BJP leadership; The article ends by saying do not forget.

Criticism of the Prime Minister

It is noteworthy that the article in the House newspaper was critical of the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The article goes on to say that Modi’s frequent repetition of atrocities against religious minorities in India is often in violation of the Constitution ‘promise to citizens to adopt and propagate the religion of their choice. It is reprehensible that Jananayakas have become the representative and symbol of the religious majority in secular India. It has been criticized that India has shown its religious and political leanings until the Prime Minister himself directly oversees the construction of the Ram temple.