WorldAntalya DOB will stage the ballet "Romeo and Juliet"

Antalya DOB will stage the ballet “Romeo and Juliet”

According to the statement made by the Antalya DOB, the ballet “Romeo and Juliet”, composed by Tchaikovsky and musically arranged by Tolga Taviş, based on Shakespeare’s work of the same name, and the libretto and choreography prepared by Volkan Ersoy and Armağan Davran, will be released on October 21, at 2:00 p.m. It will be staged at 20:00 and on 23 October at 15:00.

The costume design of “Romeo and Juliet”, which has a classical form with its handling of the libretto, its successful musical arrangement and the narration in its choreography, was prepared by Sevtaç Demirer, the decor design by Çağda Çitkaya and the lighting design by Fuat Gök.

Iaroslava Volkova as “Juliet”, Tolga Burçak as “Romeo”, Umut Çaltekin as “Mercutio”, Yiğit Erhan as “Tybalt”, Burak Özbek as “Paris” in the work, which is a unique example of the meeting of two genius artists such as Shakespeare and Tchaikovsky. ” Artur Ivanov as “Lady Capulet”, Selin Berkmen as “Lord Capulet”, Cenk Şahinalp as “Lord Capulet”, Seda Manaz as “Rosaline”, Cem Kaytmaz as “Father Lawrence”, Fadime Keskin as “Nanny”, Sevgim Aksoy as “2 Girls” and Seda Manaz, Özlem Tekinay as “Lady Montegue”, Devrim Saraçoğlu as “Lord Montegue” and Mehmet Sipahi as “Governor”.

Tickets for the work, whose prices vary between 25, 50 and 70 liras, can be obtained from the internet address, as well as from the opera booths in Haşim İşcan Cultural Center and Cumhuriyet Square.

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