SportsAnsu Fati crowns the Masia festival

Ansu Fati crowns the Masia festival

In broad daylight, with the sun as a hat and at the final party at La Mercè, Barça started playing at the Camp Nou. It was also the day that Ansu Fati returned, already dressed in the 10, and the day that Koeman could not sit on the bench due to the expulsion of Cádiz. A coincidence if you consider that the team seemed to have prepared a plan that consisted of generating a lot of football on the inside to overwhelm a friendly rival on the field and grateful on the scoreboard, defeated in their 19 visits to the stadium, 15 games in a row without winning in League. Levante was the best Barça painkiller after the painful games with Granada and Cádiz and Ansu Fati became the messiah of the Barça fans with the goal that closed the afternoon.

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Judging by the vivacity of Barcelona, ​​no one would have said that his coach was sentenced for not having opted for a formation similar to the one he formed against Levante. There has not been a game in which the line-up has not fueled the chatter, trapped as the team has been in the swamp by injuries, sanctions and requests a la carte made by fans and even President Laporta. The coach has to cheat in every game, resigned to his fate, and stability seemed like a chimera in a stadium that no longer chants Messi and sighs positive energy for Ansu.

The only point of consensus in Barcelona has been the commitment to La Masia and the crowning of Ansu Fati as Barça leader. So against Levante, Eric returned to defense and Nico and Gavi formed as midfielders with Busquets while Ansu Fati watched from the bench. The solfege of the quarry sounded great in the engine room of a harmonious team in its game and asymmetrical in a drawing similar to 4-2-3-1. A brave formation that wasted no time but went for the match with very high pressure and a defense ready to go hand-in-hand with the Levante tips. Very few times the granota could come out of the harassment and after a quarter of an hour Barça was already winning 2-0.

Luuk de Jong even scored after an uncheck that allowed him to receive with an advantage of Dest. The full-back did not stop striking from the left, Nico ensured the positional game and the fans were enthusiastic about Gavi’s personality. There were hardly any turnovers and therefore it was not necessary to retreat to stop Levante’s transitions. Paco López’s boys were left in no man’s land, neither attacking nor defending, surpassed by Barcelona’s collective football and the aggressiveness with the Memphis ball, the protagonist of the play and Radoja’s penalty.

Levante could not run and Barça did not stop biting. In the absence of extremes, the Catalans were betting on indoor football and were often associated to the astonishment of Coutinho, who after not knowing how to mix with Messi now needs to decipher the Masia game. The fans were so happy when Coutinho was replaced by Riqui that they began to chant the name of Ansu Fati to crown the Camp Nou party. Not even with 2-0 did the Barça fans faint, equally artistic when Gavi intervened, stinging with Memphis, always with the ball in someone else’s court and with the defense stopped away from Ter Stegen. The Levant did not threaten even with the departure of Commander Morales.

Roulette and auction

Barça only needed to finish the plays after optimizing their resources before the satisfaction of the Camp Nou. The destabilizing Memphis shot failed and Riqui did not know how to finish off a play as precious as it was selfish because it allowed Mustafi’s intervention. The contest, however, slowed down little by little while waiting for Ansu. The forward left in minute 81 and the Camp Nou stood up, feverish by the return of its fallen idol on November 7, 2020. The Ansu moment was so exciting that it paralyzed Barça for a moment. Ter Stegen’s right foot then avoided Cantero’s goal before Ansu came into play.

On the run, fast and determined, the striker connected with the field and with the stands until reaching the fullness with 3-0. Ansu started with a roulette before a ball divided into the open field, ran to face and break the center and from the balcony of the area he hit a shot that surprised Aitor. He has not assumed the 10 to look good but because he feels demanded and responsible, always extraordinary, even with the injury that has had him almost 11 months away from the Camp Nou.

The goal culminated a script to ask of mouth for Barça. Football evoked at times the opening day against Real with the difference that Ansu was not there then. Koeman, sanctioned, did not even appear in the press room at the Camp Nou. The protagonist was Ansu Fati.

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