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Another ball on the ground, laser light on the goalie’s face; Controversy over penalty for England


  • Denmark coach says he did not get justice in the semi-final against England
  • Controversy erupts over laser strikes Danish goalkeeper in face
  • Incorrect assessment of penalty awarded for sterling diving

LONDON: Controversy has erupted over England’s penalty in the Euro Cup semi-final and the laser light on the goalkeeper’s face. England were awarded a penalty when the game was extended to extra time. This put Harry Kane on the net and he became the hero of England. However, the image of the laser light falling on the goalkeeper’s face while taking the penalty has already gone viral on social media.

The referee awarded a penalty for dropping Raheem Sterling inside the penalty box. Just before entering the sterling box, there was another ball on the field. There is another allegation that the referee did not see this at the time. The rule is that the match can only continue after the game has been stopped and a ball changed.

The referee must stop the game immediately if another ball reaches the outside of the game or is interrupted by animals or other objects. The law states that the match must continue only after the obstacles in the game have been removed. Danish coach Caspar Jൽlmond told the fourth official, but did not take the face value.

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It is alleged that Rahim fell into the sterling box while diving. Former England captain Didi Haman has said that there was only “normal” contact and that the penalty was unfair. Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has no other opinion. He added that he did not understand why the referee did not observe the war.

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