India'Anonymous' tortured in the early hours of the morning in the churchyard;...

‘Anonymous’ tortured in the early hours of the morning in the churchyard; The young woman with the complaint


  • The incident took place at dawn in the churchyard
  • Police said the investigation is at an early stage
  • The incident took place on Sunday

A young woman complained that Anjatan raped her in the early hours of the morning in the churchyard. The victim was found in the courtyard of St. Mary’s Church in Ilesbury Town Center. The police said that the accused was a 30-year-old man of Asian descent. The incident took place on Sunday.

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The incident took place between 5.30 am and 6.15 am. Police said the woman was able to call them around 6.40am. Jason Simpson, a senior investigating officer, said the incident was “worrying.”

“We are at an early stage of the investigation. We are investigating to find out what actually happened.” Jason said. He said anyone who was in or near the church at the time of the incident should contact Thames Valley Police.

Police requested that those who attached the dash camera to the car examine the recorded footage and report any unusual sightings. Police said there would be a police presence in the area where the church is located as the investigation continues.

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The investigation will also focus on CCTV footage. Thames Valley Police requested that homeowners examine CCTV footage of homes in nearby areas and report any incidents that may be helpful to the investigation.

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