WorldAnkara criticizes Borell's comments on Northern Cyprus

Ankara criticizes Borell’s comments on Northern Cyprus

AA / Ankara

“This statement is further proof of the disconnect between the European Union (EU) and the facts about Cyprus,” Tanju Bilgic said in response to the controversial remarks of the Vice-President of the European Commission, Josep Borrell.

Bilgic responded in writing on Tuesday to a question posed in connection with Borrell’s statement about the reopening of the Maraş neighborhood and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Northern Cyprus.

In it, Bilgic assured that these remarks were made in the name of the solidarity of the EU but that they are null and void from the point of view of Turkey.

“Borrell’s statement after our President’s visit to Northern Cyprus is further proof of the EU’s disconnect with the facts about Cyprus. This statement, made solely in the name of EU solidarity, did no value to us. ”

Ankara in particular called on the EU to behave in a fair and neutral manner if it is to be able to play a positive role in the settlement of the Cyprus issue.

Bilgiç underlined that Turkey’s support for Northern Cyprus regarding the decisions taken on Maraş is complete.

“These decisions aim to protect the rights of property owners in Maraş. As our president said, these decisions will not create new grievances, they will eliminate old grievances,” he said.

Bilgic called on the EU to see the facts in Cyprus and “end its policy of ignoring Turkish Cypriots and their rights”.

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