WorldAnkara condemns European Parliament resolution on opposition parties in Turkey

Ankara condemns European Parliament resolution on opposition parties in Turkey

The Turkish Foreign Ministry condemned the resolution adopted by the European Parliament on Thursday, which claims to suppress the activities of opposition parties in Turkey, in particular the Democratic People’s Party (HDP).

This document, adopted at a meeting of the General Assembly of the European Parliament, is another example of the ideological and biased approach of the European Parliament, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The ministry stressed that the content of the resolution does not reflect reality.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry drew attention to the fact that although in the EU the refusal to condemn terrorism is considered an acceptable reason for the closure of a political party, the trial initiated in Turkey against the aforementioned political party, accused of having close ties with terrorist organizations, was met with prejudice in Brussels.

“The attempt of those who constantly talk about the independence of the judiciary to issue ultimatums regarding trials in other countries is not only a violation of legal norms, but also hypocrisy,” the Foreign Ministry added.

“It is not surprising that those who place members of terrorist organizations in the premises and corridors of their parliament admit such double standards and adopt such a resolution,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry said.

The ministry warned that the resolution “will not contribute to the development of relations between Turkey and the EU, but rather will play into the hands of those who want to lead these relations to a dead end.”

The Turkish Foreign Ministry stated that “the European Parliament sacrificed the values ​​on which it was built to ideologies and lost confidence due to such decisions.”

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