EntertainmentAnh Tu revealed 'major changes' in the new age, netizens kept reminding...

Anh Tu revealed ‘major changes’ in the new age, netizens kept reminding Dieu Nhi

Anh Tu has just welcomed the new age with a set of photos showing off his handsome looks. The actor said that this is a set of photos with special meanings to him because it is not only a moment to welcome the new age, but also the first set of photos that he has taken after having a new look.

Tu said that this is like every year, he celebrates his birthday at home with his family members.

Like many others, Mr. “Zinc Gai” was able to “tweak” his hair after many months of separation, as soon as Ho Chi Minh City reopened. Thanks to that, the actor received many compliments on his new hairstyle as well as his “sustainable” handsomeness. Worth mentioning, underneath this set of photos, in addition to praiseworthy comments, many viewers also excitedly called Dieu Nhi’s name.


In the past few days, social networks have spread rumors that Anh Tu and Dieu Nhi have returned to the same house and also welcomed a new member. However, up to now, “the owner” has not once confirmed. Because of that, every move of Anh Tu and Dieu Nhi is very interesting to the audience. For details, please watch the video.