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Anadolu Agency Workshop was held with the theme ‘We are changing, we are getting stronger’

At the Anadolu Agency Workshop held in Antalya Lara, the institution’s goals and projects for the next period were discussed.

In the workshop held with the theme of “We are changing, we are getting stronger”, the editors made a presentation on the broadcasting strategies of the AA. In the workshop, international projects to be implemented in the new period were introduced.

In his opening speech, AA Chairman and General Manager Serdar Karagöz pointed out the importance of teamwork and wished that the workshop would be productive and that good results would be obtained from it.

Underlining that AA is the biggest capital of its 101-year-old corporate culture with its institutionalized structure, Karagöz said that the institution will proceed with a reliable and respected national level, competitive journalism approach in the international arena.

“AA may be one of the top three news agencies in the world”

Explaining that many national agencies abroad want to make cooperation agreements with AA, Karagöz reminded that a cooperation agreement was signed with Austrian, Slovakian and Portuguese news agencies during the European News Agencies Association (EANA) Conference held in Vienna.

“As AA, when we compete in the international arena, we can be one of the top three news agencies in the world.” Karagöz stated that in line with this goal, AA will give more weight to international journalism activities.

AA will take an active role in environmental and climate journalism

Stating that the news Academy will make a significant contribution to both the public and the media in Turkey, as an international university or an institute, with the trainings organized by the News Academy, Karagöz emphasized that another prominent feature of AA is its sensitive approach to environmental news at the national and international level.

Underlining that AA will play an active role in the environment and climate at the national and global level in the new period, Karagöz said that in addition to news on environmental problems, it will also host international events on this subject.

Karagöz noted that the institution will also fight against Islamophobia and disinformation in the new period.

Noting that AA will continue its publishing activities with a new brand, the corporate publishing house “Anadolu Kitapları”, Karagöz explained Anadolu Kitapları’s goal of being an intellectual resource with its publications.

In his speech, General Manager Serdar Karagöz also gave information about the projects and practices that AA will implement in the new period.

After Karagöz’s speech, AA Deputy General Managers Yusuf Özhan and Oğuz Enis made their Peru presentations.

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