IndiaAn old man was killed when his head hit a wall and...

An old man was killed when his head hit a wall and he put a biscuit cover in his mouth; Grandmother arrested


  • An old man was brutally murdered
  • Grandmother arrested in Coimbatore
  • Insert the biscuit cover exactly into the mouth

Coimbatore: A grandmother has been arrested in connection with the brutal murder of her one-year-old grandson. The child’s head hits the wall and the biscuit cover is inserted into his mouth. The incident took place at RS Puram in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, the Times of India reported.

Police have arrested the child’s grandmother Nagalakshmi in connection with the murder. Their daughter Nandini’s son Durgesh was killed. Nandini married Nithyanandam against the wishes of Nagalakshmi. It is reported that they were not on good terms. Nagalakshmi lives in a rented house in Anbhag. She is an employee of a nearby hotel.

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Nandini was married to taxi driver Nithyananda five years ago. This was with the help of his uncle. Nagalakshmi, who opposed the marriage, was at enmity with Nityananda. Meanwhile, the couple had two children. The eldest son Saikrishna is four years old. Durgesh was the second to be killed.

Nandini had come to her mother’s house eight months ago after a quarrel with her husband due to differences of opinion. It was with the younger son. The eldest is still with her husband. Nandini had gone to work at the hotel instead of them as her mother had not been feeling well for the past few days.

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When Nandini came home from work at 9.30 pm on Tuesday, she had not seen her son. When the mother was questioned, she was told that the child was asleep at 7.30 am. But Nandini noticed that the baby was not breathing in the cradle. She and her son were rushed to a nearby private hospital. But doctors said the baby had already died.

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The police then conducted an autopsy and found marks of torture on the child, including his arms and legs. The postmortem report then revealed that he had a fractured skull and a biscuit cover stuck in his throat. She later confessed to the crime when questioned by police.

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