WorldAn explosion occurred in a building in Ankara

An explosion occurred in a building in Ankara

After the explosion that took place in the building number 114 on Kizlarpinari Street, the police, health and firefighters were quickly sent to the scene.

According to the first detections, a part of the building collapsed as a result of the explosion, which is estimated to have occurred due to a natural gas leak.

A natural gas explosion occurred in a building in Ankara’s Keçiören district, Kuyubaşı District.

The injured were transferred to nearby hospitals. Firefighters continue to work at the scene.

Statement from the Governor of Ankara Şahin

Ankara Governor Vasip Şahin announced that one of the 6 people injured in the explosion in a building in Keçiören district of Ankara lost their lives.

Governor Şahin made a statement to members of the press in the area where the building numbered 114 on Kizlarpinari Street, where the explosion took place, is located.

Reminding that 6 people were injured due to the collapse in the building as a result of the explosion, Şahin emphasized that the teams were meticulously carrying out search and rescue efforts under the debris.

Şahin said, “Our hope is that there is no one under the rubble, but our friends continue their investigation by evaluating all possibilities. Unfortunately, we have been informed that the father and young child died in the Iraqi Turkmen family. Currently, we have 4 injured and 2 deaths.” he said.

Stating that two Turkish citizens, an Iraqi Turkmen family and an Afghan family lived in the building, Şahin said that they were not at home during the explosion because the Afghan family went to visit another neighbor, adding that they hoped that there was no other person in the wreckage due to the overlap between the number of injured and the number of people living in the building, but by considering all possibilities, search and rescue He said his work continues.

Ankara Governor Şahin, on a question, said:

“There are 11 flats in total in the building. Some of these flats are vacant, and some are inhabited. Again, as our mayor said, this area can be subjected to urban transformation, but unfortunately, it is an area whose work has been stopped because the work on urban transformation has been taken to court by a non-governmental organization. Our municipality continues its legal struggle, I hope, urban transformation will be ensured here as soon as possible and our citizens will be able to live in safer buildings.

It is a licensed and occupied building, but an old building is one of the areas subject to urban transformation because it was built in accordance with the provisions of the old regulation.”

Asked whether the explosion in the building was due to a natural gas leak, Şahin said, “There is both a natural gas system and LPG in the building. It will only be understood after technical examination which one is caused.” made a statement.

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