Amidst the flood waters, the polio dose given to the newborn child...

Amidst the flood waters, the polio dose given to the newborn child in a pot, people are praising the health worker – Viral Photo

Polio dose given to a newborn child in a pot amidst flood waters

Seeing this picture, you will definitely feel a little strange, but in this photo people are praising the health worker giving polio dose to a newborn baby. If seen, then this picture is proof that India which is polio free today, it did not happen like this, but behind it is the hand of some such militant health workers. Those who are battling all the conditions of heat, cold, rain and floods, reaching people from door to door and giving them two drops of life i.e. polio dose. It is being told that this picture is of Sunderbans in West Bengal, where even in the event of waterlogging, Asha workers are reaching to give polio drops to the children. Where a newborn child was brought in a pot.

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This picture of Asha worker giving polio dose to a newborn child is now becoming increasingly viral on all social media platforms. This picture has been shared on Twitter by Delhi AIIMS doctor Yogiraj Rai @IddocYogiraj. In the caption accompanying the photo, he wrote – Pulse polio vaccination in the delta of the Ganges Sunderbans. The health care worker is working tirelessly in the amazing waterlogged areas.

So far more than 2 thousand likes have come on this picture going viral. According to Twitter user @skbadiruddin, this picture was taken on Sunday in Singheshwar village. Mother was unable to walk in the flood water. In such a situation, in order to give polio to the newborn child, the father reached the child in a big vessel in the flood water. Because he himself was afraid to raise his 15-month-old child.

In the photo you can see that there is water all around. The newborn is lying in a large cooking pot, which is held by his father. After giving a dose of polio to the child, Asha workers are marking the child’s finger with a marker. This mark is put for this reason to know that children have been given a dose of polio.