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American political scientist: Turkey’s influence in Central Asia, the Caucasus and Afghanistan is growing

Over the past 5-6 years, Turkey’s influence in Central Asia, the Caucasus and Afghanistan has grown significantly. Turkey has become an influential actor in this region.

This was stated by Luc Coffey, Director of the Douglas and Sarah Ellison Foreign Policy Center, in an interview with the Liaison Office of the Turkish Presidential Administration, organized on the theme “Restoring Confidence and Reviving Hope in the Post-COVID-19 Period: Turkey’s View of International Order” on the sidelines of the 76th session of the UN General Assembly.

According to him, despite the problems in relations, the alliance with Turkey and its NATO membership is of great benefit to the United States.

The expert believes that Turkey can play a minimal role for the United States in Afghanistan, for example, support Washington’s interests in the face of the Taliban movement or play a secondary role in clarifying them.

“For example, if a situation arises with the taking of hostages or the need for the distribution of humanitarian aid, Turkey can ensure coordination with the Taliban, since I believe that all parties see Turkey as an impartial mediator in Afghanistan. I think that for those who support the Taliban, and for those who support the resistance movement, and for those who simply want to continue their lives in peace, Turkey and the Turkish flag symbolize neutrality. That is, Turkey is seen as an impartial mediator, and this can benefit both the United States and the people of Afghanistan, ”Coffey said.

Coffey stressed that the US steps in the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan raised serious questions from the allies in the international arena. The expert believes that the administration of President Joe Biden failed to properly organize this process.

“Of course, not only the reputation of the Biden administration was undermined, but the overall image and prestige of the United States in the world were tarnished by the actions of the Biden administration in Afghanistan,” the expert said.

Coffey also commented on the role of the UN in international politics and stressed the need to reform the international organization.

He stressed that he was not so optimistic about the role of the UN in the settlement of contemporary international issues.

According to the expert, the problem lies in the fact that states are guided by their national interests and do not have a common vision on important controversial issues on the world agenda.

“Take last year’s Karabakh war, for example. After almost 30 years of unsuccessful UN and OSCE process, Azerbaijan was forced to independently implement four UN resolutions that were adopted in the 90s. The UN has shown a clear lack of will to address this issue, ”concluded Coffey.

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