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America will again increase its interference in Afghanistan with the help of Qatar, the work is going to start from December

This will be a direct way for the US to connect with the Taliban and Afghan citizens after the closure of the US embassy in the Afghan capital, Kabul. However, political experts are seeing this as a diplomatic victory for Qatar, which has emerged as a major US ally on Afghanistan.

New Delhi.

The US and Qatar have signed an agreement regarding US interests in Afghanistan. This means that America will now work in Afghanistan with the help of Qatar.

This agreement will be effective from 31st December this year. Under this, Qatar will dedicate some staff from its embassy in Afghanistan to the US Department and the US State Department in Doha will work closely with Qatar.

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This move of America is being seen as joining the Taliban. The US is in no hurry to open an embassy in Kabul, as it could be tantamount to recognizing the Taliban regime. This is why America has found a middle ground. The deal comes at a time when the US and other Western countries are grappling with how to engage with hardliners following the Taliban’s capture of Kabul.

On the issue of Afghanistan, US diplomat Thomas West met representatives of Pakistan, Russia and China along with Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaki in Islamabad on November 11. Let us tell you that countries like Pakistan and China have been supporting the Taliban in many ways since the Taliban’s control over Afghanistan.

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Qatar’s Foreign Minister Al Thani has said that Afghanistan is in dire need of help. Especially when winter is coming. Leaving Afghanistan would be a big mistake. A US official said on condition of anonymity that consular assistance could include accepting passport applications, providing notarial services, providing information and helping in emergencies.