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Amazon founder Bezos invited an 82-year-old former female pilot to his space journey on July 20

BezosIn the statement on the website of the space tourism company Blue Origin, which is owned by , he was prevented from being an astronaut in the 1960s because he was a woman. funkIt was stated that Bezos was invited to space travel by Bezos.

While the statement also included a video of Bezos and Funk, Bezos said of Funk on his Instagram account, “No one has waited as much as him. Now is the time. Welcome to the team. We are excited that you will be flying with us as the guest of honor on July 20.” used his statements.

It was shared that Funk had trained with 13 female astronaut candidates within the framework of a private company program in the 1960s, but due to NASA’s policy of selecting only male pilots, none of them became astronauts.

An empty seat for sale on June 12 to go on a space journey with Bezos was sold for $ 28 million in an online auction.

While Blue Origin, which will carry people into space for the first time, did not reveal the name of the person who bought the seat, it was recorded that 7 thousand people from 159 countries participated in the auction for the seat.

It is stated that 6 passengers, including Bezos’ brother, will take part in the journey from Van Horn Base in Texas.

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