WorldAllegations of rudeness-mask violations on aircraft, record lawsuits filed in America

Allegations of rudeness-mask violations on aircraft, record lawsuits filed in America

Own report: On October 8, President Joe Biden said he had instructed the judiciary to “deal” with the growing violence on the plane. The statement came on behalf of the Biden government after a team representing major US airlines such as American, Delta Airlines and United Airlines, as well as aviation unions, asked the judiciary to prosecute violent passengers in June.

America is seeing a sharp increase in flight attacks on cabin crew. Since the resumption of air services after the coronavirus and lockdown, the staff has been witnessing provocative behavior from the passengers. As of October 25, 4,941 uncontrolled passenger accidents had been reported. Of these, 3560 Pandemics are related to the rule of wearing a mask. The biggest reason for such behavior is not to wear a mask on the plane.

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U.S.A. lawyers have charged a 20-year-old California man with assaulting a flight attendant on an American Airlines flight on Oct. 28. One of the many cases in the recent past The flight from New York to Santa Ana, California landed in Denver off schedule. After the attack where eyewitnesses said that a flight attendant was accused of punching him in the nose. Resulting in bleeding and injury.

U.S. airlines have reported a record number of incidents of violence this year, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has promised a “zero tolerance” approach. “Such behavior needs to stop,” Doug Parker, chief executive of American Airlines, said in a video posted on Instagram last week.

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