IndiaAll help will be given to the girl who was tortured in...

All help will be given to the girl who was tortured in Trithala; MB Rajesh says no criminal will escape


  • The accused will be brought before the law
  • Assisted by a lawyer
  • The complaint was also made to the Chief Minister

Kochi: Trithala MLA and Speaker MB Rajesh said that all the accused in the case of drug and molestation of a minor girl in Trithala will be brought before the law. Rajesh said that no culprit involved in the incident will be allowed to escape and all help will be given to the family.

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“On July 1, some public activists in the area called me with indications of such an incident and asked me to see them in person with clear information. Then on July 3, a relative of the girl and some public activists came to me and spoke to me, realizing the seriousness and extent of the problem and instructing me to file a complaint immediately. A lawyer was also called in to help. “

“The complaint I received was sent to the Chief Minister on the same day. The relatives sent the complaint directly to the Chief Minister. Serious follow-up action was taken. We will be there to bring the matter to justice and provide all the help and support the family needs. ” MB Rajesh said.

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Three accused have so far been arrested in the incident. Noufal from Chathannur and Abhilash from Mezhathur were the first to be arrested. Later, the third accused in the case, Mohammad Unni, was arrested by the Chalissery police. Nafal has been charged under the Poxo Act and Abhilash has been charged under various sections, including rape.

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