WorldAlgerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune accuses France of 'lying'

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune accuses France of ‘lying’

In the news broadcast on the Algerian official television, Tebbun, who gave an interview to the local press in the country, made statements about the relations with France and Morocco, and the developments in Tunisia and Libya.

“The figures given by the French government regarding the number of persons to be deported are lies.” Tebbun said that there were only 94 of them.

Tebbun noted that his country has accepted the deportation of 21 citizens, and has firmly refused the extradition of 16 of them on the grounds that they are related to terrorism, and that the situation regarding the others has not yet been concluded.

Reminding that they are bound by the Preferential Migration Agreement they signed with France in 1968, Tebbun stated that Paris should behave in a special way to its country.

Answering the question about the return of his country’s ambassador to Paris, Tebbun said, “(Ambassador’s) return is conditional on respecting Algeria’s sovereignty, institutions and power.” used the phrase.

Tebbun said, “The French side should forget that Algeria was once a colony. Algeria is strong only with its army that obeys Allah and its proud people.” he said.

Last week, the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the French Ambassador to the ministry and reported that his country rejected its unilateral decision to halve the number of visas issued to Algerians. Later, it was alleged that the Algerian authorities refused to accept 7,000 people to be deported by judicial decisions.

We do not accept intermediaries in relations with Rabat

Tebbun stated that they did not accept the tool for the solution of the diplomatic crisis between Algeria and Rabat and that the crisis would certainly not escalate to the level of war. said.

Algeria announced on 24 August that it was breaking diplomatic relations with Morocco for what it described as “continuous offensive steps”.

A few days after the cessation of diplomatic relations, steps were taken by Egypt and Saudi Arabia to initiate mediation initiatives between the two sides in telephone conversations with the foreign ministers of Algeria and Morocco.

Tunisian President Said and Ghannouchi

Tebboune said his country adheres to the principle of non-interference in Tunisia’s internal affairs.

Noting that Tunisian President Kays Said will witness that he is a democrat and patriot, Tebbun emphasized that the suspended Tunisian Parliament Speaker Rashid al-Gannuşi’s visit to Algeria was planned earlier.

Libyan elections

Tebbun announced that regarding the elections scheduled for December 24 in Libya, due to time constraints, his country offered the Libyans to hold separate regional elections, even though it would take two months.

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