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Algeria: new government measures to limit imports

AA / Algiers / Aksil Ouali

The Algerian government has taken new measures aimed at reducing the import bill, attempting to lower the trade deficit and safeguard the foreign exchange reserves, which have declined significantly.

These decisions, set out in a new note addressed to the Association of Banks and Financial Institutions (ABEF), come after the ban on the import of several food and industrial products.

These new measures risk impacting producers. What is it about ? According to the ABEF, this note, dated October 7, concerns the prohibition of any import operation classified under the tariff heading “Other”.

As a result, ABEF has instructed banks and financial institutions to “suspend the domiciliation of any import transaction under the heading” Other “and to ensure the strict application of this measure”.

This measure, indicates the same source, was taken on the initiative of the Ministry of Commerce, which informed the Prime Minister of the measures “under the supervision and rationalization of imports”.

It is explained by the concern for “supervision” and “rationalization of imports”, without however specifying the amount of the invoice imported by Algeria, under the heading “Others”.

The new decision of the Algerian government does not apply, however, to companies, companies and public offices active in the field of importation for resale as is.

The same applies to companies importing drugs and medical equipment. Only production companies will be directly affected by this measure.

The latter must, therefore, go through import companies for resale as is in order to import products classified under the heading “Others” of the Algerian customs tariff.

Go below the $ 30 billion import mark

By increasing these decisions, the Algerian authorities aim to reduce the import bill and drop below the $ 30 billion mark annually.

At the same time, the Algerian government wants to achieve a balance in its trade balance, by also increasing its non-hydrocarbon exports, which amount to 4.5 billion dollars, according to the latest figures communicated by the president, Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

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