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Algeria: France must respect our sovereignty for our Paris Ambassador to return to his post

According to the video footage released by the Algerian official television, Tebbun gave an interview to the local press in the country.

Answering the question about the return of his country’s ambassador to Paris, Tebbun said, “The (Ambassador’s) return is conditional on respecting Algeria’s sovereignty, institutions and power.”

Tebbun said, “The French side should forget that Algeria was once a colony. Algeria is strong only with its army that obeys Allah and its proud people.” he said.

– Controversial statements from Macron on France’s colonial history in Algeria

French President Emmanuel Macron’s accusatory statements against Algeria in the newspaper Le Monde on Saturday, October 2, increased the tension between the two countries.

Stating that “a military-political system prevails in Algeria and the official history of the country has been completely rewritten, not based on facts and built on hostility to France,” Macron said, “The construction of Algeria as a nation is a phenomenon to be watched. “Was there an Algerian nation first? That’s the question. (in Algeria) There were colonies before. I was fascinated by the fact that Turkey was able to completely forget the role it played in Algeria and the domination it established, and it’s great to explain that we are the only colonizers. Algerians believe that.” had used the words.

Thereupon, in a written statement from the Algerian Presidency, Macron’s statements were described as “an unacceptable insult to the memory of more than 5 million martyrs who resisted French colonialism” and condemned.

It was reported that Algerian President Abdulmecid Tebboune immediately recalled his country’s ambassador to Paris, Mohammed Anter Davud, for consultation.

It was also announced that Algeria closed its airspace to French military aircraft.

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