WorldAlgeria: 3 deputies of Islamic persuasion elected as vice-presidents of Parliament

Algeria: 3 deputies of Islamic persuasion elected as vice-presidents of Parliament

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Two Algerian parties of Islamic faith won, this Saturday, 3 of the 9 positions of vice-president of the National People’s Assembly (first chamber of Parliament). The President of the National People’s Assembly is considered the third strong man in the Algerian state.

During a session held by the National People’s Assembly, followed by the correspondent of the Anadolu Agency, members of the Algerian Parliament approved a list of 9 deputies, proposed by 6 political parties, with parliamentary blocs in the first chamber of Parliament.

The Movement of the Society for Peace (MSP, the largest Islamic movement in Algeria) will be represented by Sariha Kaci and Hamdani Youcef Adjissa as vice-president of Parliament.

The El-Binaa El-Watani Movement (Islamic movement) will be represented by the deputy Ali Tarbagou.

As for the former ruling party, the National Liberation Front (FLN, the party of former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika), it won two posts of vice-presidents of Parliament, assigned to Bentabet Azzi and Fitas Belakehal.

The independents also won two positions attributed to Salim Merah and Benaouda Bentaher.

While the National Democratic Rally (the second party of the former ruling coalition) will be represented by a single vice-president of Parliament, in the person of Bouden Monder. The El Moustakbel movement (conservative) will also be represented by a deputy, Khalifa Benselmane.

In accordance with the Algerian constitution and the internal regulations of the first chamber of Parliament, the vice-presidents of the National People’s Assembly are elected for a renewable one-year term.

The National People’s Assembly elected, last Thursday, the independent Ibrahim Boughali as its president.

Boughali was a consensus candidate for the main blocs in the Assembly, namely the National Liberation Front, the National Democratic Rally, the El Moustakbel movement and the El-Binaa El-Watani Movement, as well as independents.

He was in the running for the post, along with Deputy Ahmed Sadouk, leader of the Parliamentary Bloc of the Movement of the Society for Peace (MSP). At the end of the vote, Boughali obtained 285 votes out of 407, against the 87 votes obtained by his opponent.

Ibrahim Boughali, 58, is an elected representative of the wilaya of Ghardaïa (south), inhabited by a majority of Amazigh Mozabites (Ibadists).

This is the first time, in Algeria, that an independent personality has assumed the presidency of the Parliament since its creation in 1977. According to the constitution, the President of the Assembly is considered as the third strongman of the State after the President. of the Republic and the President of the Council of the Nation (the second chamber of Parliament).

* Translated from Arabic by Mounir Bennour.

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