IndiaAl-Qaeda calls on Taliban to liberate Kashmir from Islamist enemies

Al-Qaeda calls on Taliban to liberate Kashmir from Islamist enemies


  • Al Qaeda statement with controversial references
  • The need to liberate Kashmir
  • There are still reports of links between the Taliban and Al Qaeda

New Delhi: Al Qaeda has welcomed the Taliban in Afghanistan for “liberating Kashmir”. The Taliban reportedly sent a message to the Taliban asking them to stand together to liberate Kashmir. The latest reports come amid fears that the new situation in Afghanistan could lead to a rise in terrorism in South Asia.

The controversial remarks were made in a detailed statement issued by the Al Qaeda leadership praising the Taliban for taking over Afghanistan. They called on the Taliban to save Kashmir “from the clutches of the enemies of Islam.” The move comes after the Taliban declared complete independence in Afghanistan on August 31, following a complete withdrawal of US troops.

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In addition to Kashmir, al Qaeda has demanded the “liberation” of territories such as Palestine, the Levant, Somalia and Yemen. “O Allah, liberate all Islamic territories, including the Levant, Somalia, Yemen and Kashmir, from the enemies of Islam. O Allah, grant freedom to Muslim prisoners all over the world.” The terrorist organization wrote on Facebook. Al-Qaeda’s message in Afghanistan praises the “Islamic community allowed by Allah.”

The key demand of the peace agreement signed between the Taliban and the US in February 2020 was to sever ties with Al Qaeda. However, recent UNSC reports indicate that the Taliban and Al Qaeda are actively linked.

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The United States has said in a statement that it will withdraw from Afghanistan on August 31. ” The U.S. Air Force plane took off from Kabul airport with the remaining U.S. troops yesterday. Taliban militants take control of Kabul airport, firing into the air

At the same time, various countries are assessing that the situation in which the terrorist organization controls Afghanistan will lead to the growth of terrorist organizations in the region and this is a threat to security. Russia has also partially supported the Taliban regime, which has the indirect support of Pakistan and China. India is concerned about the growth of the Taliban, which has taken an anti-India stance on Kashmir.

The government fears that attacks by terrorist organizations, including Jaish-e-Muhammad, which has a presence in Jammu and Kashmir with the help of the Taliban, will intensify. The government believes the two terrorist organizations are linked. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s party leader’s public statement that the Taliban will help Pakistan “liberate Kashmir” was also controversial.

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