WorldAkşener's lawsuit against Bahçeli demanding 'three cents compensation' was rejected

Akşener’s lawsuit against Bahçeli demanding ‘three cents compensation’ was rejected

Bahçeli’s lawyer Nizameddin Kocabey and Akşener’s lawyer Eyüp Çakır were present at the hearing of the case at the Ankara 7th Civil Court of First Instance.

Aksener’His lawyer requested that the case be accepted.

Devlet Bahceli‘s lawyer, Nizameddin Kocabey, said, “The plaintiff severely criticized our client as if he had said the words he did not say at the group meeting. Our client’s alleged statements against the plaintiff are not in question. The parties are political personalities. They must withstand harsh criticism.” demanded the dismissal of the case.

The court rejected the lawsuit filed by Akşener demanding compensation of three cents.

Akşener filed a lawsuit for “three cents” compensation, claiming that the campaign carried out under the label “Phosphorlu Meral” on social media was initiated with the knowledge of MHP Chairman Bahçeli.

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