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AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Özkan: CHP is doing politics today by the instruction of Kandil, saying ‘no’ both in words and in substance.

AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Cahit Özkan made evaluations about the agenda and answered questions to the AA correspondent.

Reminding the saying, “The rite is the work of a person. The visible rank of the person is in his work,” reminding him, “Ziya Pasha’s word showed itself here as well. When has the CHP ever stood by national and spiritual values? It is in the same direction as the stance of our country and our nation, could he be in unity of soul and body?” asked.

Saying that the CHP is against the resolutions to send troops abroad, Özkan said, “The CHP has completely lost its national values, it has continued to clash with our moral values, from the moment the chairman, who came with the tape, took office, and it has taken place against them. In our struggles in Syria in the context of the fight against terrorist organizations that threaten our country, the CHP said ‘yes’ in the past and said, ‘What are you doing in Iblib, Afrin, Jarabulus?’ He made exits by saying, “He damaged the state-nation solidarity.” used his statements.

“Deciphering their secret alliance on the way to 2023”

Cahit Özkan spoke as follows regarding the CHP’s announcement that they would vote “no” to the Presidential motion regarding the extension of the term of duty of Turkish soldiers in Iraq and Syria:

“The CHP, which said ‘yes’ in so-called ‘yes’ yesterday and ‘no’ in essence, is now doing politics on the orders of Qandil and HDP by saying ‘no’ both in words and in essence, and they are deciphering their secret alliance in this way. Today, with the mentality of the CHP, We are not faced with a decision, we are faced with an understanding of the CHP, which says ‘no’ at the direct instruction of the political party, which is the political extension of Qandil, and engages in politics within this framework, standing against our national interests, not in words, but in essence, under all circumstances. It is the deciphering of their secret alliances on their way to Turkey. Because the CHP, which could not appear side by side with the HDP before our nation, is trying to fill its secret alliances in 2023 by following HDP’s instructions in the face of this issue. While we are fighting against it, in the cross-border operations we organized with the understanding of ending their threat to our country; We are complaining about the CHP and its secret alliance HDP to our nation.”

“The effort to find a cover for your objection”

CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu said, “The memorandum states that ‘foreign armed forces are present in Turkey and these forces are used according to the principles to be determined by the President’. What does this mean? Who is the foreign soldier?” Evaluating his statement, Özkan said, “The so-called national and spiritual values ​​are shielded, and it is an effort to find a cover for his objection by going behind his back against the will of the nation.” said.

Emphasizing that there is a clear struggle against the PKK and the terror corridor, Özkan said, “We will continue this struggle despite HDP, PKK and CHP.” he said.

“It’s not an issue to be appreciated”

Referring to the attitude of the IYI Party towards the Iraq and Syria bill, Özkan said, “If the nation has interests, saying ‘yes’ to the bill is a necessity of the nation’s struggle for survival in this land, then the fact that the ‘yes’ vote from the IYI Party on such an issue is of course detrimental to us as well as our nation. “This is not an issue to be appreciated. This is a requirement of our nation’s instruction, order, expectation and our nation’s struggle for survival. In such an issue, the IYI Party and everyone who sees itself in domestic and national politics should say ‘yes’. We We express our satisfaction with this.” made its assessment.

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