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Air India One did wonders, breaking the decades-old tradition, PM Modi reached America directly

New York
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who arrived on a very important tour of America, has broken the tradition that has been going on for decades through this visit. In fact, for the last several years, the Prime Minister who went to America used to stay in Frankfurt city of Germany till now and then leave for America from there. This time it did not happen and PM Modi reached New York without stopping. The credit for completing this nearly 13-hour long journey non-stop goes to PM Modi’s state-of-the-art Air India One Plane which has been inducted recently.

PM Modi has arrived in New York to address the Quad Summit and the United Nations General Assembly. This VVIP aircraft of India Air India One travels with the President, Vice President and Prime Minister. It was just inducted into the Air India fleet in October last year. About Rs 4500 crore has been spent to buy this aircraft. The specialty of this aircraft is that it can complete long distance travel without filling oil in the middle.

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Using Pakistani airspace leaves for America
Until now, planes were often stopped at Frankfurt Airport to refuel aircraft. After this, the plane used to leave for America from here. PM Modi’s plane took off on Wednesday and left for the US via Iran, avoiding Afghan airspace using Pakistani airspace. Earlier, Pakistani PM Imran Khan also used India’s airspace while traveling to Sri Lanka.

This is the second time that PM Modi has traveled in the newly launched Air India One aircraft. Earlier he had gone on a visit to Bangladesh. According to Wynon News, the previous prime minister had stayed in Frankfurt. He also stayed in Frankfurt during PM Modi’s much-talked about 2019 visit. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh also used to complete such a long journey by stopping in Frankfurt. This new aircraft of PM Modi is like an impregnable fort flying in the air.
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No effect of missile attack on Air India One
This aircraft can fly at a speed of 900 km. Very safe The front part of this ship has a jammer which jams the enemy’s radar signal. It is also not affected by missile attack. This aircraft is capable of refueling from air to air. The specialty of the aircraft will also surprise you. The B777 aircraft have state-of-the-art missile defense systems called Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures (LAIRCM) and Self Protection Suites (SPS). In February, the US agreed to sell these two defense systems to India at a price of $ 190 million. Such safety equipment is being installed in both the aircraft which can thwart the biggest attack. Even the missile attack on this aircraft will not have any effect and it will also be able to counter.