SportsAgnes Jebet Tirop's husband confessed in a note to having murdered her

Agnes Jebet Tirop’s husband confessed in a note to having murdered her

Ibrahim Rotich, husband and main suspect in the murder of Kenyan athlete Agnes Jebet Tirop, the female world record holder of 10 kilometers en route and specialist in the 5,000 meters, left a note at home confessing to being responsible for the death of her partner, as reported by the country’s police. In the letter, Rotich assures that his relationship with the record holder was “full of fights” and that for that reason “he decided to end his life”, as confirmed by the Intelligence Officer of the North Keiyo sub county (west), Andolo Munga , in statements to the local newspaper Daily Nation.

On October 13, Kenyan authorities found Tirop’s lifeless body inside his home, an event that shocked both the country and the international athletics community. A day later, the police arrested the athlete’s husband “while trying to flee to a neighboring county to evade justice,” according to the Kenya Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

“We now have overwhelming evidence to confirm the murder. The autopsy report and the suspect’s confession note, as well as the discovery of the weapons that killed the athlete, a knife and a wooden club, are strong evidence, ”Munga pointed out.

Tirop’s younger sister, Evelyin Jepng’etich, assured the Kenyan media that in recent months the athlete had been the victim of abuse from her husband on several occasions, “forcing her to seek refuge in his training camp.” Tirop set on September 12 in Herzogenaurach (Germany), with a time of 30:01, a new world record of 10 kilometers on the road, reducing by 29 seconds the universal record of this test (only with women in competition) that he had since on June 8, 2002, at 30:29, the Moroccan Asmae Leghzaoui.

The athlete had also achieved two bronze medals in the 10,000 meters of the Athletics World Championships in 2017 and 2019 and had been proclaimed the winner of the women’s event at Cross de Itálica in 2018. Also, this year Tirop joined the Kenyan team in the Tokyo Olympics, where she narrowly missed the 5,000-meter podium after finishing fourth behind Sifan Hassan of the Netherlands, her compatriot Hellen Obiri and Gudaf Tsegay of Ethiopia.

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