After watching this video of an elephant and a buffalo, you will...

After watching this video of an elephant and a buffalo, you will also say – if friendship is aisi ho or na ho!

Mutual love between animals is much more than between humans. They express their feelings more than us. Videos related to this keep going viral on social media. Many videos are so emotional that they stay in our hearts forever. Even today a video went viral on social media. In this video an animal is making love to another animal. Everyone is praising after watching this video.

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It can be seen in this video that there are an elephant and a buffalo. Both are loving each other very much. Everyone is looking happy after watching this video. And not wanting to share it on social media. A very great caption has also been written in this video. It is written in the caption – Both Evia and Noto are good friends. They are taking care of each other.

This video is really touching. There will be tears in your eyes after watching this video. Share this video on Twitter account of social media @SheldrickTrust The name has been shared by the Twitter handle. So far this video has been viewed by more than 10 thousand people and more than 2 thousand people have liked it. Many heart touching comments are also coming on this video.


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