After the treatment of cancer, a 3-year-old child met his friend like...

After the treatment of cancer, a 3-year-old child met his friend like this, tears will come in your eyes after watching the video

This is how a 3-year-old child met his friend after cancer treatment

Cancer is such a disease that not only affects the person suffering, but the whole family also has to face this nightmare. After recovering from cancer, a 3-year-old boy, Mac Porter’s only wish was to meet his friend Payson Altis. Mack and Payson both battled cancer together. Seeing this video of their reunion, people got tears in their eyes. The video of these little ones will surely spark a ray of hope in people’s lives. This video will definitely give a lot of strength to those people who have lost the will and strength to fight.

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Payson Altis, 3, and Mac Porter met this year at Phoenix Children’s Hospital during their cancer treatment, ABC News reports. After being away from each other for weeks, the two reunited outside the hospital and the video of their meeting has gone viral on social media. This touching video was shared on Instagram by a page named Mackie.strong.

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In the video shared with the caption “Paisson and Mac forever”, Mack can be seen walking slowly towards Payson with a bouquet in his hand. Payson happily takes the bouquet and the two then hug each other. In the video you will see further that after this both of them also dance together.

One user on Instagram said, “This is so cute.” Another user wrote, “You brought tears to my eyes.”


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