IndiaAfter Mihirbhoj and Suheldev, now Prithviraj Chauhan... why are the kings being...

After Mihirbhoj and Suheldev, now Prithviraj Chauhan… why are the kings being divided into castes?

The reason for the controversy over Prithviraj

All India Veer Gurjar Mahasabha says on the question of how the controversy arose regarding Prithviraj Chauhan’s caste, how he was suddenly a Gurjar Got to know. It is a historical fact that Prithviraj Chauhan was a Gurjar. It is a different matter that this information has not become as common as it should have been, that is why we want to bring that historical fact to the public. According to Dr. Jitesh Gurjar, ‘the dynasty of Ajmer – Pratihar, Parmar, Solanki and Chauhan, the origin of all of them is Gurjar, so there should not be any doubt about Prithviraj Chauhan being a Gurjar.’ Acharya Virendra Vikram says, ‘The poet of Prithviraj Chauhan’s court, Jayanak, composed the Prithviraj Vijay epic, in which it is written all over the place about Prithviraj Chauhan being a Gurjar. This epic is not of any today that any changes have been made in it, it is from the time of Prithviraj Chauhan. Jayanak composed it in the year 1191, when Prithviraj Chauhan defeated Muhammad Ghori. There can be no older and more authentic proof than this. If any historical aspect is being presented in a wrong way, then it is the responsibility of the society to correct it and we are fulfilling that responsibility. On the other hand, Rajput Mahasabha is rejecting the claim of Prithviraj Chauhan being a Gujjar. The Mahasabha says that now after two thousand years to remember that Prithviraj Chauhan was a Gurjar is to deny the established facts and history.

Controversy already over two kings

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The controversy surrounding the caste of Prithviraj Chauhan has become important in the sense that there is already a dispute between two kings. There is a king Suheldev, who is claimed by three different castes. The people of Rajbhar society who come under OBC call King Suheldev as their king. The people of the Pasi community, who come under the Scheduled Castes, also call him their king and the Rajputs also have a claim on him. In February this year, when the foundation stone was laid for a memorial to be built in his name in UP, the three camps were face to face. The Rajput Karni Sena had said, ‘This is a matter related to our honor and self-respect. A conspiracy is being made to separate them from Rajput society to take political advantage, which we will protest by taking to the streets. After this, the Rajputs divided in the court regarding King Mihir Bhoj are calling him their king and the Gurjars as theirs. After installing his statue in UP, the UP government has fallen into a religious crisis. She is not able to decide whether to call Mihir Bhoj a Gurjar king or a Kshatriya. Trying to find a middle ground there. UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has tweeted and said- ‘Great men should never be imprisoned within caste boundaries. His great sacrifice is not for any individual or family, but for the whole country. When a statue of King Mihirbhoj was unveiled in Madhya Pradesh on 8 September 2021, it was seen that Gurjar is written along with Mihirbhoj on the stone plate, after which the caste dispute took a violent form. The matter has reached the High Court. The court said that the idol should be kept open but the rock plate, which became the root of the dispute, should be covered. The next date of hearing in the case is on October 20.

The past looks stronger than the icon

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The question is, why are the kings being tagged with castes? In fact, the importance of caste groups in politics has increased. They have come to be considered very decisive. Because of this, now every caste has its own organization. In such a situation, there is a need for an ‘icon’ for every caste. The power comes from the ‘icon’. The mobilization of the society increases. Because of this there is a competition for ‘Icon’. There are many claims on each ‘icon’. The competition between kings is more because it makes the past appear stronger.


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