After Maggi, it is now with strawberries, people get angry after watching...

After Maggi, it is now with strawberries, people get angry after watching the viral video

Many people did not like this strange experiment done with strawberries.

New Delhi:

We all know very well that fruits are very beneficial for health. People who eat fruits daily appear more active than other people. Now if you like to eat fruits, then surely there must be some fruit that you would like to eat. Now in such a situation, if someone does some new experiment with your favorite fruit, then it is not good for him. Yes, these days such a video is going viral on social media. After seeing that, you will also ask the same brother, what has he done.

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The video which is going viral this time on social media. In it, a person can be seen doing something very strange with something sweet like Strawberry. Many people did not like this experiment with just their Tasty Strawberry. That’s why people started venting their anger on social media. Since then this issue has become famous on social media.

Watch the video here-

It is clearly visible in this video that first a person washes strawberries from the fountain. Then he cuts them and puts them in a box. After this mixes many spices in this box. To mix the spices, the person shakes the closed box vigorously. Then the masala prepared by opening the box serves Strawberry in front of the customers.

Someone posted this video on social media. Many people got angry after seeing this video. Some users said that they do not know what people make. Earlier this situation happening on Maggi and now Strawberry has become unbearable. Let us tell you that often videos with such strange experiments go viral on social media. But people do not like the recipe seen in these videos at all.