After 45 minutes of death, this woman was resurrected by doctors that...

After 45 minutes of death, this woman was resurrected by doctors that she is the God of the earth.

We have been hearing since childhood that the one who is gone never comes back. It is also a fact that if a person dies on this earth, then they never come back. But we are going to tell you about such a news which you may take some time to believe. There is such a case in America that can surprise anyone. There a woman died. The doctor had announced her death, but 45 minutes later the woman was alive again. This news is surprising everyone.

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According to the news of The Sun, Kathy, who lives in America, has got a new life again. She is a resident of Maryland, USA. Actually Kathy’s daughter was pregnant. She was about to give birth to a child. At the same time, Kathy got a call that the daughter’s labor pain had started. Cathy was present at the golf course at that time. Cathy reached the hospital in a hurry when she suffered a heart attack. In such a situation, Kathy was immediately taken to the emergency room. According to the doctor, Kathy’s pulse was not being found. The doctor was very upset. Oxygen did not go to Cathy’s brain for about 45 minutes. In such a situation, the doctor declared Kathy dead.

In the language of doctors, Kathy was declared clinically dead. On the other hand, Cathy’s daughter was going to have a caesarean operation. The doctors were preparing for him. Here the doctor did wonders. The doctors brought Kathy back to life. Cathy came to life just 45 minutes after she died. This thing is nothing less than a miracle.

According to the doctor, Kathy is completely fine. Nothing has been done to his brain either.


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