WorldAfrican youths listed their demands to Macron at the Africa-France summit

African youths listed their demands to Macron at the Africa-France summit

In Montpellier, France, approximately 3,000 young people and activists from 54 African countries came together at the 28th Africa-France summit this year.

At the summit, which was not attended by any African leader, young people from 11 African countries shared their views and suggestions on Africa-France relations in a one-on-one session with Macron.

Burkina Faso activist Ragnimwende Eldaa Koama said that the word “help”, which France often uses in its discourse on Africa, is extremely inappropriate, outdated and problematic.

Quoting Thomas Sankara, the legendary leader of Burkina Faso, Koama said, “These aid must be terminated immediately unless he stops receiving aid.” said.

Koama, who also criticized France’s relationship with Africa, continued as follows:

“If we compare the relationship between Africa and France to a cauldron, know that that cauldron is very dirty! It is very dirty with underestimating the crimes committed, corruption and the use of demeaning language. Mr. Macron, I invite you to clean this cauldron completely. If you are still eating in this dirty cauldron If you keep doing this, make sure that I will not eat this food, we will not eat this food, Africa will not eat this food again!”

“We should no longer talk about aid, but about partnership.

Malian activist Adam Dicko also made the following assessment, referring to Macron’s statements, “Without France, there would be no government in Mali”:

“Mr. President, you keep saying that without the intervention of France, there would be no government in Mali. Please know that without Africa, there would be no France. In fact, stop convincing people that you want to help Africans. Terrorism is not only Mali’s problem, but also your problem. We are victims at this point. “Stop making ourselves feel guilty by putting ourselves in the position of being. We should no longer talk about aid but about partnership. Africa is not a place of unemployment or misery, but a continent that is young, optimistic and full of enthusiasm.”

Dicko noted that France’s presence in the Sahel was a result of France’s intervention in Libya, without taking into account the African Union.

“Apologize for what you did in Africa”

Senegalese activist Cheick Fall underlined that in a time when the world is becoming increasingly global, Africa will not be closed in either, “But Africa does not need a parent to move forward.” said.

Fall listed his demands from France on behalf of African youth as follows;

“Apologize for what you did in Africa. Stop working with African dictators. Stop this so-called ‘paternalistic’ cooperation attitude. Withdraw from your bases in Africa gradually and in a planned manner. Let’s create a sincere cooperation mechanism to strengthen democratic gains. 2019 in Abidjan” Implement the CFA franc reform that you have committed to, and send the national reserves of the African countries you hold to these countries.

“Become a partner of African peoples, not African leaders”

Aliou Bah from Guinea also said that they do not agree with France on the definition of “democratic government”.

Bah said, “We don’t want you to deal with our dictators. We are already doing that, and we will continue to do so. I come from Guinea, a country that has just been freed from someone who wants to die in power. We don’t want you to deal with our internal issues. Our request is to address someone who has tried everything to stay in power. “Don’t see Chad as different from Mali, Guinea, Ivory Coast. Position yourself as a partner of African peoples, not African leaders.”

Kenyan Adelle Onyango underlined that they feel the pain of the colonial past every day in Africa and said, “How can we rebuild relations based on this lack of trust? We are faced with doubts about what exactly France represents.” said.

Arthur Banga, from Ivory Coast, on what Africa should look like in 2030, said: “By 2030, Africa will be free of colonial ugliness. The CFA will end the franc and switch to its own currency. Instead of foreign military bases, it will have its own independent armies.” used the phrase.

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