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Afghanistan’s First Woman Mayor: I am waiting for the militants to kill me!

Own report: The country’s women are deeply concerned about the situation of girls in Afghanistan during the new Taliban era. This time, the youngest mayor of the country and the first woman mayor of the country also showed this impression of fear.

Zarifa Ghafari, the youngest mayor of Afghanistan and the country’s first female mayor, was shocked to describe how Kabul fell to the Taliban. “I am just waiting for the Taliban to kill me,” he said.

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Zarifa Ghafari is not thirty years old. He is an employee of the Ashraf Ghani government. Ghani has left the country. But some government workers have fallen into a miserable situation. Some have escaped. Many like Zarifa could not do that. As a result, they are now counting the mistakes.

“Many high-ranking officials in the Ghani government have escaped, but I have nowhere to go,” Zarifa told an international news agency. “We have no one to help us,” Zarifa said. The Taliban militants will appear here just to search. In Zarifa’s words, ‘everything was fine. But at the moment everything turned upside down. The dream with which the country was moving forward was shattered. ‘

Zarifa is suffering from anxiety and depression because she has been threatened by the Taliban several times before. Bartinek was also attacked. In November last year, Zarifa’s father, General Abdul Wasi Ghaffari, was assassinated by the Taliban. As a result, Zarifar feels helpless as Afghanistan is occupied by the Taliban. He is worried about his own life and the safety of his family.

There are reasons for apprehension. Lately, girls in Afghanistan have been enjoying independence in a number of ways. They have studied, worked. He has even taken part in political activities. One of the representatives of this new generation of modern women is Zarifa Ghafari, who became the first woman mayor of Afghanistan at the age of 26. As a result, these modern-minded women are apprehensive about the dark days of Taliban rule.

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