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Afghanistan: Waiting for Pak recognition! The Taliban sent the name of the Afghan first secretary to Islamabad

Own report: There may be questions about how much recognition other countries have given to Afghanistan. However, in the midst of that turmoil, the Taliban is going to appoint a diplomat at the Afghan embassy in Islamabad. Hafiz Mahibullah has been appointed as the Afghan First Secretary. This time in the court of Imran Sarkar.

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Pakistan is the first country to show the highest interest in forming a Taliban government in Afghanistan. Many Pakistani ministers, including Imran Khan himself, have welcomed the Taliban. Not only that, the members of Imran Khan’s cabinet have reached Kabul directly. Even ISI officials have reportedly gone to Afghanistan. In a word, the Pakistani government played an active role in the formation of the Taliban government in Afghanistan. If anyone recognizes the Taliban privately, it is Pakistan.

Several countries around the world, including the United States, are questioning whether human rights will be protected in Afghanistan. It remains to be seen whether the Taliban will look at the well-being of the country’s people. Meanwhile, the Afghan government has sent Hafiz Mahibullah as a diplomat at the Afghan embassy in Islamabad. It has been reported that he will be the first secretary of Afghanistan in Islamabad. The former was taken back. It has also been requested that Islamabad give the green signal for Hafeez’s appointment as soon as possible.

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Meanwhile, if Hafiz Mahidullah is accepted by Pakistan, the Taliban will be recognized in the international arena. In that case, Pakistan is expected to consider the matter. In other words, the communication that has been called informal with the Taliban for so long will now become official.

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