WorldAfghanistan, Vietnam, West Asia... Why Super Power America Loses Guerrilla War

Afghanistan, Vietnam, West Asia… Why Super Power America Loses Guerrilla War

With the departure of Afghanistan’s Kabul airport, another shameful defeat of super power America has been recorded in the pages of history. A handful of guerrilla guerrillas in Vietnam, the Middle East and now Afghanistan have forced the US military, armed with nuclear bombs and super-destructive fighter jets, to kneel. America’s midnight escape in Afghanistan is being called defeat because the situation in Afghanistan is exactly the same as before 2001 after the withdrawal of US forces. Even after spending two trillion dollars and using more than one weapon, the US failed to change the ground situation in Afghanistan at all. America has not been able to eradicate the existence of the Taliban and its biggest enemy, Al Qaeda. Let’s understand why in the end why the ‘superpower’ America loses every battle in guerrilla warfare….

The Vietnam War lasted for about 20 years. In this war that lasted from 1956 to 1975, American forces entered in 1965 and a fierce battle began to save the country from becoming a communist nation. Soon the war reached its peak. It was the year 1969 when America put a massive force of 5 lakh soldiers on the battlefield but things started changing rapidly in the next four years. The Vietnamese army adopted the strategy of guerrilla warfare and gave a befitting reply to America. When the corpses of American soldiers started returning home, the US government became a victim of criticism from its own people and the opposition. The pressure increased and in 1973 the US withdrew its army without reaching any end.
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The army of fighters is not as much as the school parade in front of the US army
History repeated itself in the year 2021 as well. This time too it was America and the same US army but this time Afghanistan was on the map and Biden had to decide. America, called ‘Superpower’, is seen on the backfoot in the guerrilla battlefield. Iraq is also an example of this. Along with West Asia, the dreaded terrorist organization Islamic State, which has become a threat to the whole world, is in control of many parts of Iraq. However, the army of these fighters will not be as much as any school parade in front of the American army. Despite this, the US military is fighting there. The Islamic State has neither American-like technology, nor military force, nor money, despite this, in June last itself, two US drones of terrorists were shot down. The US military position in Iraq is not very strong. Although, fortunately, American soldiers are still there.

Some are arguing the assassination of Osama bin Laden to hide the American defeat. In history, the end of Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi is also shown as a victory for America, but every time the fact comes to the fore that terrorism and American forces progressed together in many countries like Afghanistan, Iraq. Reports suggest that after 1945 the US has fought major wars in Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan. America has been defeated in four of these battles.
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Local fighters may be weaker in military strength but more committed
Carter Malkasian, author of The American War in Afghanistan-A History, who has worked for the US administration in Afghanistan for many years, sheds light on America’s defeat in modern wars. He says that in wars after 1945, America faced local militias who were weaker in military strength but more committed to fighting. The way US forces ‘run away’ from Kabul has created a shameful document for Biden and future presidents that will forever be past the US on the world map.

Why does America lose its battles after all? According to the BBC report, experts say that American soldiers were fighting in places that were completely new to them. On one hand the army was completely ignorant of the local culture and language, while the ‘enemy’ was not only aware of the area but also had local support with it. At times, America’s enemy, including the Taliban, was such a guerrilla army that was neither afraid to die nor did not hesitate to kill. Religious bigotry made America’s enemy more dangerous. So the American soldiers had to leave the field and run away.
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‘The Taliban used to come to the battlefield to kill and kill’
The expert in the report said that the Taliban used to come to the battlefield with the intention of killing and killing. At the same time, the priority of American or any government soldier was to save the lives of himself and his comrades. Commitment and fanaticism also became the weapon of the ‘enemy’ as the Taliban was fighting for their country but the weapons in the hands of the American soldier were to protect whom? This question is among the reasons responsible for America’s defeat. These defeats not only changed history but also gave countries like Taiwan and India reasons to doubt US cooperation.


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