WorldAfghanistan: USA in direct meeting with Taliban for the first time

Afghanistan: USA in direct meeting with Taliban for the first time

Own report: The United States will hold its first face-to-face talks with senior Taliban leaders in Doha, Qatar, this weekend, with the aim of removing foreign nationals and life-threatening Afghans from Afghanistan. The United States, however, insisted that Saturday’s and Sunday’s meetings were not an indication of recognition of Taliban rule in Afghanistan. “Our statement is clear that the Taliban must gain legitimacy through its actions,” the spokesman added.

The talks on Saturday and Sunday will focus on committing Taliban leaders to allowing Americans (USA) and other foreign nationals to leave Afghanistan. The talks will focus on removing Afghans who once worked for the US military or government and other Afghan friends during two decades of military operations.

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The State Department spokesman said the United States wanted to press the Taliban to protect the rights of women and girls and all Afghan citizens, many of whom had been barred from returning to work or school. “As Afghanistan faces a severe economic crisis and a potential humanitarian crisis, we will put pressure on the Taliban to allow humanitarian agencies free access to areas of need,” the spokesman added.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Senior U.S. officials, including Central Command chief Gen. Frank McKenzie, last met with the Taliban in Kabul in August when U.S. forces seized the airport to evacuate foreign nationals from Afghanistan.

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