WorldAfghanistan: UNESCO warns Afghanistan if girls' schools don't open

Afghanistan: UNESCO warns Afghanistan if girls’ schools don’t open

Own report: After school and college, this time the school is opening in Afghanistan. But it is being opened only for boys, not girls. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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The Afghan government on Saturday issued guidelines for opening secondary schools for boys. This time it is UNESCO. According to the organization, such a decision by the Taliban government is tantamount to undermining the basic rights of girls in the country.

According to UNESCO, in a country where only boys go to school and girls do not have access to school, it will have an adverse effect on society. It will also have an impact on the international community. So now girls have to be given access to school.

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On Friday, the Afghan Ministry of Education decided that only male students and teachers would attend school. “If the school is closed to girls, it will be a deprivation of girls’ rights,” said Audrey Azoul, UNESCO’s director general. The result will not be very good. Besides, many of the girls may drop out of school even if they are given the opportunity to enter the school late. Child marriage will increase in the country. Inequality between men and women will increase in the society. The future of Afghanistan depends on the education of men as well as girls. Therefore, the government should advise the Afghan government to provide education for all in the society.

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