WorldAfghanistan: Taliban warns US, bans drone use

Afghanistan: Taliban warns US, bans drone use

Own report: The Taliban government has warned the United States against flying drones over its airspace. Calling the US move a violation of national security, Taliban spokesman Jabihullah Mujahid called on all countries to act in accordance with mutual obligations, otherwise they would face consequences.

A statement issued by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) on Tuesday said all countries are the sole owners of their territorial and airspace sovereignty under international law. Therefore, the Islamic Emirate, as the sole legal entity of Afghanistan, is the guardian of the land and airspace of Afghanistan. ” They added that the United States had violated all international law by using drones in Afghan airspace.

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Jabihullah Mujahid has warned all countries, including the United States, that all must act in accordance with mutual obligations to prevent any negative consequences. The United States has expressed regret over the deaths of 10 civilians in a drone strike targeting ISIS-K in early September.

Based on the investigation into the August 29 attack, US Central Command Commander General Frank McKenzie said the car and those killed in the drone strike were not ISIS-K allies.

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