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Afghanistan: Taliban kill 4 kidnappers and hang them in public to give ‘education’

Own report: The Taliban shot four people and hung them on the cornice of their house to give ‘education’. Panic erupted in Herat, Afghanistan, on Saturday. The Taliban claimed that the four were abductors.

Sher Ahmed Muhajir, deputy governor of Herat in Malwa, told the media that any kidnapping would not be tolerated. The bodies of the four abductors have been hung in four crowded places in the city. This is how they were taught.

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The video of the incident is now circulating on social media. In one of them, a corpse was seen hanging with a crane in a car. Taliban fighters were seen standing around the body of a kidnapper.

The question is, has the Taliban started to look like it did in the nineties? The governor of Herat said the news was that a businessman and his son had been abducted by the Taliban. Upon receiving the news, the police closed all the roads leading out of the city. The search operation started. The Taliban eventually found the four abductors at a checkpoint. Then the two sides started fighting. In a few minutes, 4 kidnappers were killed.

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Muhajir added that Afghanistan is now an Islamic country. No kidnapper will be spared here. The Taliban now rule Herat. And no one will be kidnapped, it is not acceptable. This was done to educate the other abductors. We hung the kidnappers at the city square. Such action will be taken if ordinary people are oppressed.

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