WorldAfghanistan: Taliban arrest influential Afghan cleric

Afghanistan: Taliban arrest influential Afghan cleric

Own report: The atmosphere of panic does not seem to be receding after the Taliban took over the Afghan province. The Taliban has confirmed that it has arrested Maulvi Mohammad Sardar Zadran, the former head of Afghanistan’s National Religious Scholars Council. The Taliban even published a picture of him blindfolded.

Earlier, the militant group captured Afghanistan’s first female governor. Salima Mazari, one of Afghanistan’s first female governors, stood up to Taliban militants. He took up arms to fight the jihadists.

When the militant group was waging attacks across Afghanistan, Salima Mazari took over the security of her area. He took up arms to fight the Taliban.

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He wanted to keep the Kint area of ​​Chahar in Balkha province free from Aliban occupation. But this fearless woman was also taken prisoner by the Taliban. On the other hand, President Arshad Ghani left the country soon after the Taliban took control of Kabul.

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