WorldAfghanistan: No animosity with anyone, assures Taliban at first press conference

Afghanistan: No animosity with anyone, assures Taliban at first press conference

Own report: To put it bluntly, the Taliban feared. This is their first press conference since taking over Afghanistan. At that meeting, they said, the situation was under control. Everyone stay calm. Join the work. A tweet from the Taliban has already been made in this regard.

In addition to this message, the Taliban said that no one was their enemy, that those with whom they had clashed, new or old, had disappeared.

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The Taliban spokesman added that they were judging the issue of girls’ freedom subject to Sharia law. They will recognize girls’ education up to university level, they also welcome the participation of girls in their government. They want to make their territory drug-free. And they will accept freedom of the press, subject to Islamic law.

Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar, the Taliban’s ‘second-in-command’, had earlier said that the Taliban’s test was about to begin. It really started. At least that is becoming clear from this press conference.

He is also expected to be the new president of Taliban-occupied Afghanistan. Beradar is expected to arrive in Kabul from Doha on Sunday evening. In a video message after the fall of Kabul, he said that the real test of the Taliban was about to begin. He also said that the Taliban must now serve the nation. He said in the video message that a meeting would be held to take stock of people’s expectations. And then they have to go down in hopes. We have to solve their problems.

It is understood that the Taliban’s ideology is on the way to Beradar. At the press conference, the Taliban expressed their gratitude to God, saying that their goal was achieved by the will of the Almighty.

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