WorldAfghanistan knows who is the best friend: S Jaishankar

Afghanistan knows who is the best friend: S Jaishankar

Own report: Union Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said the people of Afghanistan know how to differentiate between India and Pakistan, given how much India has helped the war-torn country over the past decade.

The Afghan people know what India has done for them and what kind of friend India was. Jaishankar further said that he was sure that what Pakistan did for them at the same time was different from India. India and Afghanistan had deep trade and cultural ties before the Taliban took power. The total bilateral trade between India and Afghanistan in 2019-20 was 1.5 billion. India helped launch the port of Chabahar in 2016 and in the same year established the India-Afghanistan Foundation (IAF) which enhances economic, scientific, educational, technological and cultural cooperation between the two countries.

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Jayashankar said that based on what India has done for Afghanistan, the Afghan people will understand that Karan was their best friend. Without naming names, he said the difference between India and Pakistan was clear. Jaishankar criticized Pakistan, saying that every nation wants to have good relations with its neighbors but in a way that respects international law. “Everyone wants to be friends with their neighbors. But you want to be friends on the condition that a civilized world will embrace you. Terrorism is not one of those conditions. “

He said Pakistan uses terrorism as a tool of the state which is not acceptable. He added that the neighbors are there to enhance communication, trade and bilateral cooperation. But he said nothing like that had happened to Pakistan. The foreign minister said the competition between India and China to become the world’s largest power was clear. As a result, a multifaceted world cannot exist without a multifaceted Asia. In the next 75 years, India and China will be among the world’s major powers, he said.

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