WorldAfghanistan: Indo-Taliban talks could take place in neutral atmosphere: Taliban spokesman

Afghanistan: Indo-Taliban talks could take place in neutral atmosphere: Taliban spokesman

Own report: This time, the Taliban spokesman advised India to change its position. In the changed situation, India-Taliban can be talked about. That is what the Taliban said.

Earlier, the Taliban had warned India in a slightly cold but stern manner – sending troops would not work! However, after the conquest of Kabul and the formation of the government in Afghanistan, the Taliban sent a different message to India. Taliban spokesman Mohammad Suhail Shaheen advised India to change its position. Not only that, he made it clear that India’s friendship with the former Ashraf Ghani government, as well as with the Taliban, would be good for both India and Afghanistan.

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The formation of a full-time government in Taliban-led Afghanistan after the capture of Kabul on Sunday is now just a matter of time. But Suhail said on Monday that India’s bilateral relations with the Taliban are likely to be in the balance in the coming days – with India backing the government that has been forced into Afghanistan for so long. India can do the same in the future.

At the end of the Afghan occupation, questions are already being raised in the international arena about what the Taliban’s intentions are going to be in the coming days. Concerns have been raised about how secure Afghanistan will be in the hands of the Taliban, or whether it will be at all, or how it will interact with Afghanistan’s neighbors or the Taliban-occupied Afghanistan.

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