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Afghanistan: India, along with Afghan nationals, decides to grant asylum in New Delhi

Own report: Kabul is not far away. Taliban on the way to occupy Afghanistan! New Delhi has decided to give asylum to Afghan nationals after militants warned India that sending troops would not work.

Who will get shelter in this country? The number of Afghans who have helped India at different times is not small. New Delhi will stand by them in times of danger. Journalists, writers, social workers and people from the minority community should not be left out. It is learned that all of them will be given long-term visas to stay in India. However, the outline of the plan has not been finalized yet. How many people will get a visa? That too was not known. Not only India, but also countries like USA and Canada have already taken steps to ensure the security of Afghan citizens. Like India, the Biden administration has begun the process of issuing visas to aid Afghans. Canada has announced the resettlement of 20,000 people, including human rights activists, local women leaders and journalists.

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Meanwhile, the Taliban took control of Ghazni province on Thursday. The Taliban base is now only 130 kilometers from Kabul. The Taliban occupy a total of 10 provinces in Afghanistan run by the Ashraf Ghani government. This time the Taliban is advancing towards Kabul. New Delhi on Friday advised journalists working in the country to be vigilant.

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