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Afghanistan: In a historic interview with a Taliban spokesman, a female journalist left the country in fear

Own report: Ever since the occupation of Kabul, the world has been in fear of returning to the previous dark ages. Women are terrified of being caught in the strict chains of Sharia law. At this time another picture is circulating on social media. Mawlawi Abdulhaq Hemad, one of the top officials of the Taliban media cell, gave an interview to Beheshta Arghand, the female director of Afghan media.

Then began the practice of other images of the Taliban image. On the other hand, the woman journalist left the country soon after the interview. This is the first time a Taliban representative has interviewed a female host. A day later, he interviewed Mamala Yousafzai. Malala gave that first interview on an Afghan channel.

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“I left the country because, like millions of people, I fear the Taliban,” she told CNN. Beheshta Arghand was at the top of her career as a journalist. He dreamed of becoming a journalist since he was in ninth grade. But now, he has fled Afghanistan – referring only to the Taliban’s atrocities against journalists and ordinary Afghans.

Incidentally, he said, “If the Taliban do what they promise and the situation improves and I know I am safe and there is no threat to life, I will return to my country and work for the country, for my people.”

“It was difficult to be interviewed, but I did it for Afghan women,” she said of her August 18 interview with a Taliban representative. I want to work. Want to be an important part of society. That is our right. “

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