WorldAfghanistan: Horrible! Reading news, Taliban militants with guns around, Viral Video

Afghanistan: Horrible! Reading news, Taliban militants with guns around, Viral Video

Own report: After the occupation of Afghanistan, the freedom of the press was heard from the Taliban. However, despite talking about peace in the face, in reality the opposite picture is being captured. A video has recently gone viral on social media. As can be seen, a top Taliban leader is giving an interview through the news. Sanchalak is surrounded by armed Taliban militants.

This is not the end, in that situation, the conductor is being heard to give a message of fear to the common people. He says the situation in Afghanistan is normal. There is no reason for ordinary people to be afraid. Where is the freedom of the press where the host has to stand in front of the gun and read the news? Ordinary people or how to be free of panic? This question is now circulating on social media.

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Zee did not check the authenticity of the video for 24 hours.

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On 15 August, Kabul was captured by the Taliban. The jihadists are currently preparing to form a government in Afghanistan. After seizing power, the Taliban began to traditionally persecute media workers, even as they spoke of independence. Tolo News reporters were beaten in Kabul and Jalalabad. The Taliban also raided the homes of journalists. The militants also killed a family member of a journalist for the German news agency Deutsche Welle (DW).


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