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Afghanistan: Hellish! Copter flying with hanging people, Taliban exploitation video goes viral

Own report: Foreign troops have withdrawn from Afghanistan. The withdrawal of troops has been completed by the United States and Britain. “The war is over,” said US President Joe Baiden. After that, the video of Taliban rejoicing came out. Even after the withdrawal of foreign troops, the jihadists have assumed their image. The hellish torture has started.

A video has recently gone viral on social media. As you can see, the US Blackhawk is flying in the sky. A man is hanging on it. The helicopter is flying in the sky of Afghanistan with the hanging man. Netizens are getting excited after watching this horrible video. This is the real form of the Taliban! Many are expressing anger. Although Zee did not verify the authenticity of the video for 24 hours. However, the video has caused a stir on social media.

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After the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban also seized US weapons. From sophisticated US helicopters to weapons, everything is now in their hands. In this situation, the jihadi army has started searching for those officers who once worked for the United States or other countries.

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Besides, notice is being hung on the door of the house. Where it says, ‘Obey, or you will die.’ According to a foreign news agency, the Taliban are threatening ordinary people by going from house to house. They are being asked to appear in public court. If anyone avoids attending, the jihadists are ordering the death penalty.


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